Clean Design


Logo Design

Every company needs an identity. It should be easy to recognize and it needs to be memorable. Often the most recognizable logos come from the simplest and cleanest designs. I will help you define your customer demographic and create a logo that has impact and remains as the icon of your entity.


Print Design

Marketing any business requires a diverse and balanced approach. Visibility and recognition are both part of this. However, it is also very important to be able to distribute product information effectively. This is where printed products can help drive your business. My experience in the printing industry will be an asset toward this goal. I have the background and I have the resources to provide that balanced approach.


Online Presence

The World Wide Web is a network that is available for everyone. It is a vast super highway of information. I will help your business or non-profit drive it's image and products on this network effectively and economically, with an emphasis on clean design and easy navigation for your audience. I can help you with Domain Registration and Hosting. Contact Me to find out what "Lere Design Graphics" can do for your business.

Products For Small Business and Non-Profit Entities

My tools of the trade

Lere Design Graphics uses many of the most recognizable tools in the graphics industry.

These tools are mostly software by Adobe. The Creative Suites by Adobe offer me the sustained support and flexibility to produce high quality graphics products at a reasonable price. This enables me to serve you better.

  •   NEED A LOGO ?       See what "Lere Design Graphics" can do for you.

    Let "Lere Design Graphics" help you with your Logo Design.

    When you drive down any highway, when you are looking for goods and services, or when you are doing just about anything, Look around you. There are logos everywhere. Your logo is what people will recognize. It is the first thing they will see, that will set you apart from everyone else.

  • DOING SOME PRINTING ?  Find out more about Print Design

    Print Design Is more than just putting images and type on a layout for printing. It is understanding what you need as a customer and what the printer needs to make your project clean and professional looking.

    As a veteran of the printing industry of over 40 years, I am able to; not only design your project, but do it with expert knowledge of the printing process. So, if you need a BUSINESS CARD, no problem. If you need a BOOK, a BANNER, a POSTER, or any thing at all, I know how to make your design stand out. See what "Lere Design Graphics" can do for you.

    Contact "Lere Design Graphics" to learn more.

  • INTERESTED IN WEB DESIGN ?  Let me create a web presence for your needs.

    Need a Website?

    There are millions of websites on the Internet. There are many reasons to have a website. Maybe you have a startup business that you want to direct traffic to. Maybe you have a non-profit organization that needs exposure. Or, maybe you are an individual who wants a website that will serve a particular purpose. Whatever your need is, I will work with you to create the best web presence possible.

    It isn't just about building a website. If you don't get noticed, you might just as well send smoke signals. Search recognition is vital for any site. Let me make you visible so your message can reach your audience loud and clear. See My CONTACT PAGE

  • NEED PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES?  Let me tell you what I will do for you.

    • High quality Commercial Photography for business: Your products will stand out for your customers to see. I will come to your location. My rates will not hurt your bottom line.


    • Portraits: I will come to your location for any type of personal photographic needs. My services include weddings, portraits, and events. My rates are very reasonable.


    • Live Performance Photography: I have excellent packages for performers who are trying to develop good marketing tools. My services also include video production and more.

    Contact me for details.

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